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Electric Locking Systems are proud to stock a wide variety of lock and access control manufacturers. We strive to give our customers the very best on the market, and as one of the top electric lock suppliers and access control companies in the UK, we have onboarded 3 new manufacturers. BLE Locking, Amalock and Promix are taking the industry by storm due to their innovative products, which are now available for purchase at Electric Locking Systems online! Learn more about each brand and why we’re so passionate about offering their products;

  1. BLE Locking Smart Door Locks

BLE Locking, founded in 2018, are based in Estonia and create smart electric lock and locking modules that operate at bank level security, with no internet connection required. BLE Locking wanted to eradicate the need for physical keys and make them virtual; in doing so they founded smart lock solutions, in the form of digital, smartphone accessible keys. This makes it incredibly easy for homeowners, business owners and holiday landlords to grant access wirelessly. Choose BLE Locking for smart bluetooth euro cylinder locks that take only 5 minutes to install, with high grade security and smartphone accessibility. Alternatively, keep your existing electric lock but transform it into a smartphone door lock with BLE Lockings  smart locking modules. Their BLE smart lock app makes it incredibly easy for owners to share digital keys via a NFC tag and grant/retract access instantly, or schedule in advance. Learn more about BLE Locking smart door locks on their website, or buy online at Electric Locking Systems today!BLE Smart Bluetooth Euro Cylinder Lock Front Side

  1. Amalock Smart Home Security

Amalock, based in Northampton and formed in 2019, have taken smart doorbells and wireless security cameras to the next level. With every feature a person could want in a smart home security system, Amalock products are a must have solution for homes and small businesses. Their mission is to keep people and properties safe, and they do this by creating products that are easy to install, easy to use and affordable. Their current product offering includes home security cameras, smart video doorbells, alarm kits, video doorbell with keypads and CCTV. Amalock wireless home security cameras feature HD video, wide angle and night vision that offers such high quality playback that it can be used by police in evidence. The unique outdoor security camera also has Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility, solar powered battery, motion alert, cloud options and two way audio. The Amalock smart doorbell is ideal for all homes needing extra security, with 2 way, wireless audio to speak to delivery drivers wherever you are in the world and a HD camera to monitor your porch, all accessible via the Amalock app. Last but not least, they offer one of the only video keypads on the market that also features a fingerprint scanner, intercom, door entry buzzer and key fob system in one! View Amalock’s full smart home security offering on their website, or buy online at Electric Locking Systems today.

  1. Promix Centre Mini & Remote Controlled Electric Locks

Promix, founded in 2004, are a Russian engineering and production center based in Smolensk. Until 2019 they were known as SHERIFF but then underwent a rebranding as Promix and have created and produced over 1 million products. Electric Locking Systems are proud to be the UK lock supplier of Promix and introduce their solutions to the UK market! Promix’s unique offering includes the smallest electric locks available; their mini electric locks can be mounted on any door but in the top right corner, with a 400kg holding force and easy installation. Due to their small size, Promix also offer remote electric door locks for fridges, freezers and cabinets in places like hospitals, medical research facilities, pharmacies and jewellery stores. The special, remote controlled locks can be unlocked with a key fob, making it highly secure but easy to access for the right people. See more of Promix’s mini electric lock offering on their website, or buy online at Electric Locking Systems!

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