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The purpose of an access control system is to limit entry or access to authorised personnel only. Access control is made up three core components; the electric lock, access control system function and entry system. Choosing the right type of access control system to suit your requirements, whether it’s for a home, commercial building or office can be daunting with so many options on the market. Thankfully the experts at Electric Locking Systems have put together a simple guide.

The first step is to determine which electric lock suits your application. Electric locks can range in holding force for security requirements, fail safe and fail secure operations (the door stays locked or unlocked in the case of emergencies) and variants in locking function. The electric lock is operated via an entry system, which is operated by the user.

The second step is to determine which of the 3 types of access control system you need:

  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Discretionary Access Control systems let the building owner control who is allowed into a specific location, via the entry system itself or computer software. It is the least restrictive of all systems.

  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

Mandatory Access Control systems are often used by the military due to the security technology used within the access control system and established security guidelines. It will define each user with a label and only give them access to specific areas.

  • Role-Based Access Control Technology (RBAC)

Rule-Based Access Control systems are the most commonly used type of access control systems. It is popular in both households and businesses, allowing the system administrator to define limitation based on their job role or role within the building.

The choice above reflects the types of entry systems available to you. These range from:

Alternatively, Electric Locking Systems have designed custom access control kits from trusted brands Deedlock and Viro to make configuration and installation simple.

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