Abloy Oy is one of the four global brands of the ASSA ABLOY group manufacturers, offering a range of innovative security solutions.

Abloy Oy electric motor and solenoid locks are designed for industrial, commercial and residential application. Find a selection of Abloy electric locks at Electric Locking Systems, including the Abloy EL560, EL580, EL561 and more.

Abloy locks such as the Abloy EL560 are suitable for medium to high traffic doors and can be installed in conjunction with an access control system. Choose from fail-safe and fail-secure and select the back-set size you require.

Shop Abloy electric locks online at Electric Locking Systems. To learn more about our range of Abloy locks, get in touch with our specialist technicians on 01202 941050 or via our website at electriclock.net or email us at sales@electriclock.net  Enjoy  delivery on orders  and same day dispatch when you buy before 12pm.

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