Wireless remote entry control systems for the home and office

The Daitem Wireless audio Intercom system allows the user to welcome and filter visitors, listen in to background sounds, and operate a number of automation systems from the home, such as electric gate openers, garage door openers, lighting systems and electric latches and locks. The SC100AU handset (included) can be used to control all these automated systems, as well as monitor them (check if entrances are open or closed, or lighting on and off etc.) and communicate with additional handsets.

Easy Access Control

From Inside
Users can identify visitors without having to move using the mobile handset
The handset can be used in hands-free or private conversation (hand-held) mode
Users can listen in to background sounds at the outdoor caller unit
The handset screen is back-lit during a call or when a key is pressed
Pedestrian gates, driveway gates and garage doors can be opened or closed simply by pressing a button on the handset
The handset can operate for up to 15 days off the mains-powered base, and has a battery life of 5 years.

From Outside
A pedestrian gate and/or driveway gate can be opened from the street by entering an access code or holding up the badge to the caller unit with keypad.
Up to 16 badges can be managed by the outdoor caller unit.

Recommended Distances

In clear conditions the intercom has a wireless range of up to 150m, but its recommended to use up to 100m, this may vary in built-up areas.The distance can be extended by wiring the controller box from the callpoint closer to the household – see diagram right.
Extended range will go further than 30m if heavier duty cable is used.

Flexible and easy to install

Choice of internal handset unit location: on a table or fixed to a wall.
Outdoor caller units for one or two dwellings.
The same handset can manage up to 4 call buttons each with a specific ring tone.

No major work needed

No trenching outside or running cables inside

No wires need to be pulled between the indoor handset unit and the driveway gate, pedestrian gate, garage door or lighting.
No trenches need to be dug or rebating work performed to install the system. This means zero damage to both the inside and outside of the home.
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