Gem Products are produce and distributed via electric locking systems Limited they are well known electric locks and releases they produce magnets of different sizes . There products they are also know as Gainni Industries but trade under the name of Gem . They are produced in Taiwan in there own factory. The Reason they call it Gem as its also mean jewel as they claim it is as strong and durable as stone . This is the standard that they claim to produce there product to and the standard that they aim there product are produced to .a high standard . They produce the full range of Magnets ,Electric strikes,Push bar ,Drop Bolts,Cabnets locks ,Shear locks,Door openers ,Power supplies Door entry systems, Exit buttons, Call points, key switches ,Electromagnetic door holders, key switches . Please contact Electric Locking systems Limited via telephone number 01202 941050
or via email to or via our on line chat line where we would be happy to help you . Items can also be ordered on line at

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