Shop robust automatic overhead door closers from Geze at Electric Locking Systems. We stock a variety of Geze door closers, that are suitable for swing doors, smoke or fire doors. our range of door closers are ideal for offices and commercial buildings where swing doors are required to comply with fire safety regulations.We stock a range of Geze door closers, including the TS400E, TS4000 and the TS2000.

Door closers are used to help keep fire doors closed when needed as well as to save energy and helping to reduce heat loss. Door closers ensure your property complies with the current fire regulations,making your property both energy efficient whilst reducing your carbon foot print and keeping your building secure and safe at all times.

Door closers can be controlled by an electric motor to make it easier for disabled and wheelchair users as well as trollies sack trucks and for carrying goods in and out of the building and can be operated manually or  hands free as well as using access control .

ELS electric locking systems are a leading supplier of electric lock and door access control systems based in the United Kingdom. Our in house support team are to help you workdays Monday to Friday speak to member of our team today at 01202 941050 or email us at

If you’re unsure which door closer is suitable for your application or property call the team at ELS for expert advice today or get in touch on our Live Chat.  same day dispatch when you buy before 12pm UK time.

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