Vanderbilt design and manufacture a range of security products, including world-class keypad door entry systems. The company prides itself on providing agile security solutions for a range of different industries, including healthcare, retail and more.

Here at Electric Locking Systems you can find a variety of Vanderbilt keypads and locks to enhance your security measures. With a compact design and ease of use, the Vanderbilt V42 is known as one of the world’s best-selling keypads. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with an IP55 rating.

The Vanderbilt V44 keypad is a programmable keypad is a two-door entry system with the option of door control and alarm output. It offers a code lock with four code combinations and can be configured to provide up to 30 codes.

Order Vanderbilt keypads online at Electric Locking Systems for seamless access control indoors and outdoors. We offer free   technical support with every enquiry. To find out more about our Vanderbilt products, contact our team of experts on 01202 941050 or ask us a question via live chat.

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