Since 1942, the Viro brand (an acronym of the founder, Vincenzo Rossetti) has become all over the world synonymous with quality.
Since1983 the FAI by Viro brand has identified a series of products that comply with the high standard of quality demanded by Viro, even though they are not entirely manufactured within the company.
The offer of a wide range of well indentified products allows wholesalers and final users to choose the right quality according to the required use.
Viro S.p.A. thanks anyone detecting any flaws in the products or suggesting ways to improve the range.
Viro obtains the ISO 9001 quality certification and then reconfirmed in the following years. To date, Viro is ISO 9001: 2015 certified
In 2022 Viro celebrates its 80° birthday, more than 70 people are involved in the creation of the most sophisticated items, coordinating the several external production units, controlling quality and devoting themselves to the constant improvement of the production
On 9 March 2023, VIRO became part of DOM Security, the branch dedicated to the security, of the French industrial Group SFPI (Safety for People and Industry), operating in Europe since 1985 and with a total turnover of more than 600 million euros.
The operation, which was finalized with the acquisition of 100% of the shares, was carried out by DOM Security and its Italian subsidiary DOM CR.
There locks are sold all over the world and some locks are made to work with a dc or ac supply by simple changing the coil over .These are well made and some are made to take a euro cylinder will take a euro cylinder . The fixed electric locks also have the added advantage of the back set can be site set and suit the particular lock please see choices on electric locking systems contact the sales team via email at or via phone on 01202 941050 or even order on line at or via the website chat .

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