Hi here we aim to explain what Electric Lock Power Supply is these are power supplies specially made for the access control industry.The idea is that they work at a reduced power supply from the mains electric These reduce the main power down to 12 or 24 volts . As all electric locks only use power at 12 volts dc and 24 volts dc as well as 12volt ac and 24 volt ac.the power supplies can go up to 10amps or more but these are not standard.The standard range is 1amp ,two amps , three amps of five amps. The dc power supplies also come in metal boxes to allow for batteries to be put in so that when the mains power fails the power is still supplied to the magnet so they are still in use .
As with some electric locks need a special power supply as some electric locks need a min of 3amps to work though they do not draw power all the time.
So at Electric locking systems we supply all the different power supplies. That you will need so why not contact us for advise and help.
You can reach us via email to sales@electriclock.co.uk or via the phone on 01202 941050 or order on the web at electriclock.net . Or chat with us on line via the website chat.

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