Lock timers and relays .Why use them and what do they do? Well lock timers are used in different ways . As a timer, they can be used to control the lock or magnets on access control system .To only allow the door to open at times that have been set by the owner . For example a well known use of timers are used in Banks to control the time that the door of the safe is allowed to open and to be closed at particular times . These are set in advance . Other uses of the timers are when you drive out of a gate or a carpark and the gates and the barriers stay open or up for a set time to allow you to drive out . Then they close these are all controlled by a timer . Exit buttons some times have timers in to allow you time to go though the door before it closes again and the lock is applied .
Relays these are used to replay a signal form one item to another for example. If a fire alarm is installed and there is a magnet on the doors a relay will be installed to act on the signal from the fire alarm so that the door that is normally lock is unlocked so that people can escape out of the building . Another option would be on where doors are held open with a magnet in an office corridor to allow people freedom to travel down the corridor But the doors may be there to help protect the building and people in the event of a fire .to help the escape as well as slow the fire down . So the relay would be connected to alarm system and would then switch the power off to the magnet which would cause the door to be closed .
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