Smart locks add convenience, connectivity to your home and enable you to control the access of your office or building. Control access via Bluetooth on your smart phone, specialised fob and even by fingerprint! We stock renowned smart door lock manufacturers including Burg Wachter smart locks, which feature optional keypad or smartphone access and integrated mechanical emergency lock.

Unsure which WiFi, Bluetooth or smartphone door lock you need? Call us on 01202 941050 or click on LiveChat to speak to a smart lock expert. Order a smart lock online before 5pm to receive same day dispatch and spend over £50 for free delivery!

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  • BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY easy 5602 Fingerprint Door Lock

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  • BURG-WÄCHTER TSE Home 4001 Wireless Keypad & Lock

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  • BURG-WÄCHTER secuENTRY easy 5601 Keypad & Smartphone Lock

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  • Comelit Visto WiFi Video Doorbell Intercom for Smartphones

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  • BURG-WÄCHTER TSE Home 4001 Keypad Cover

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  • BURG-WÄCHTER TSE Set 5013 E-Key

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  • BURG-WÄCHTER TSE Set 5021 Pincode

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  • BURG-WÄCHTER TSE Set 5022 Fingerscan Door Lock

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  • SCLAK Bluetooth Smartphone Access Control System

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