So what are smart locks well they are not really locks. It is down to how the lock is controlled . They only work with the correct type of control . That can be in the form of a key pad some have readers .Some even have readers on the inside of the back of the lock . There are also locks that are made to work with the one thing in 21st century that people can not life with out .Yes its not your wallet or the cloths that you wear or the car that you drive or if you use a lap top or computer or a tablet . It has no different to your age either .Its the item that you never leave the house without. So have you worked out the answer ? Yes it is your mobile phone that can allow you to open your door. When the first call was made in 1973. I dont think that people though it would be doing away with a key as well as give you extra security .So the use of the key which has been around for 6000 years which have got better in design over the years. As well as smaller in size but can make holes in your pocket and easy to loose as you have no way of finding it once you do unless you are luck or have got copies else where . Which can be copied any where .But a phone has all kinds of tracking on it from your watch to hearing it and seeing the light on it when its called .The information can also be saved up in the cloud . which you have access to as you do with all your data that you wish to store .
So there are all types of Bluetooth as well as wifi locks available for you to choice . But at Electric Locking Systems we have a small selection so why not contact us so we can help you with your choices .As there are different designs and types that will work with your door entry systems as well as your front door . Which mean you can control access from away from home or the office . No matter where you are in world . As i use as example . The door entry goes and you are down at the pub your phone rings so you know its the front door and its a delivery. So you answer it and its a delivery .So you say i sorry cant get to door i am in bath can you kindly put it behind the bin or where ever you wish to have it left . The delivery driver can get the photo they need and procced on . Nor are they know that you still down the pub without leaving your drink or food or giving away that you are not at home . This is a great way to help to keep your property secure .
Another factor is that you can unlock the door from anywhere in world as well . How much hassle can this save .

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