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The safety that electronic locks can offer and extends from the safety of the general public to the safety of private property. These locks are like all electronics and serve a vast range of needs. Everything from residential to the highest of government security have been addressed with electronic locks. All of the best safe manufacturers sell units with electronic locks. And now most cars have some sort of electronic key system in them. But what are the pitfalls of this type of technology? Are you, and the things you are trying to protect, safer with electronic locks? Not all of the technologies are the same, and with electronic locks,they designed with the keys you use to open them are just as important as the locks themselves. Electronic locks are the ‘choose your own adventure’ of the security world. The parings of unlocking and locking devices will both shape the final outcome of your protection. Personal needs are very important to take into consideration as well as the shifting landscape of new technology. New methods of electronic based security are always improving, and new products are always being developed. So what is the application .
This lock is available with either fail-secure or fail-safe functions. They get their name from their contents and inner workings. A cross section of such a lock will display a latch and gear system that can be manipulated with the use of the lock cylinder and/or an electrical current. In the fail-safe version of this lock, the electric current will cause the bolt in the lock to stay not extended. In the result of a power outage the door will be completely unlocked, and in the case of a fire alarm the door can be set up to lose power. As it can be controlled by the fire alarm.The fail-secure version will use the electrical current to retract the bolt and therefore it will remain locked until power is reestablished to the system.
Electronic locks are locked or unlocked with the assistance of an electrical current. The electrical current is either used to power an electromagnet, a solenoid (electromagnet with a single coil), or a motor. These devices will actuate the lock in a manner that is either fail-safe or fail-secure.
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