SO what does 12 relate to well it relates to a 12 volt power supply is needed . So what is 12 volt this is a form of power that is reduced from mains electric and comes in two types of power it is either 12 volts dc which means its a direct currant from the main supply But reduced down via a transformer .or it can be  Ac  power ..

Well What does that mean  AC power is a
Alternating Current
Alternating Current (AC) is a type of electrical current, in which the direction of the flow of electrons switches back and forth at regular intervals or cycles.These  Current flowing in power lines and normal household electricity that comes from a wall outlet is alternating current. But also uses a transformer to reduce the power down from mains electric to 12 volts .

If you are not sure which power supply or if its 12 v dc or 12 volts ac

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