With a fire rating to EN1634-1(30&60 mins timber doors) the AEMSF300 complete with Intumescent pack, also offers an impressive holding force of 2000lbs with a combination of magnetic force and interlocking pins.

Offering a very flexible installation option for single or double swing and single or pair of doors and can be fitted either vertical or horizontal.
Please see product information tab above for more detailed product and installation information also fire assessment report.


Fire Tested to EN1634-1 on Timber Doors
for 30mins and 1 Hour
• Fire Test Report No. 341521 dated 29th
August 2014

Features & Benefits

• Mortice shear electro-magnetic lock is fully concealed and can be fitted to timber or
metal doors (with a minimum door thickness of 44mm)

• Holding force of up to 2000lbf / 8896N /907kgf (dependant on installation details)

• Can be used horizontally in the transom or fitted vertically in the frame jamb

• Door and lock status monitoring

• CE marked

• Black finish

• For fire rating please use intumescent pack included

Technical Information
Holding Force 2000 lbs / 8896N
Security Level High
Voltage 12-24V DC
Current A (12/24) 2.2/1.4
Finish Zinc Plated
Operating Temp -30ᵒc to +50ᵒc
Auto Relocking Timer 1-6 seconds (Adjustable )
Fire tested to EN1634-1

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