The AL990M series electric strikes are high in security, with 1500lbf (680kgf/6672N) holding force ,they are designed for use with all access control systems. The strikes are suitable for use with hinged doors which require security control as part of a building management system. The strikes offer great on-site flexibility being able to change from fail safe to fail secure with the simple adjustment of the controlling screw and are available in 12 or 24V DC. They offer a strong, dependable and long-lasting electric strike solution.
Key features include, fail safe/fail secure changeable on site, high security with 1500lbf (680kgf/6672N) holding force, stainless steel locking pins, Low Current consumption – Max 280mA @12V DC, and are recommended for High traffic areas. The AL990M offers triple monitoring of the Solenoid, Door position with a 1 amp NO/NC microswitch and lock with a 1 amp NO/NC microswitch in addition to 12 or 24V DC power
selectable on site.

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Features & Benefits
• Lock Sensor, Door Sensor & Keeper Sensor
• 1500lbf (680kgf/6672N) Holding Force
• CE marked and EMC tested
• Easy installation
• 12 or 24V DC on site selectable
• DC Fail Safe/Fail Secure selectable
• Dimensions – H 175 x W 44 x D 27mm
• Max Voltage & Current280mA / 12V DC
140mA / 24 V DC
• Sensor contact rating
1A Max 30V AC/DC

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