The APX-14T has built in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and is available with the free Tuya App. Combined
Bluetooth/Wi-fi connectivity enables you to open the door and manage the device remotely
or within vicinity of the unit via your mobile smartphone/Tuya App.
The APX-14T may be powered by a 12V DC power supply and operates a 3A lock
The keypad is IP68 rated allowing installation in wet areas and with a back light enabling visibility
in areas with poor light.

Features & Benefits
• Supports 4 digit PIN code & fob
• Capacity up to 2000 users
• Touch keypad
• IP68 rating
• Backlit keypad for use in low light conditions
• Adjustable lock relay 1-99 seconds
• Wiegand output for networked system
• Lock output 3A max
• 12V DC power inputs
• Dimensions 85 x 85 x 20mm
• Bluetooth/Wi-Fi option by Tuya (APX-14T*)
• Remote Door Release*
• Remote Audit Trail viewing *
• Remote management of users and their
card/code/fob/remote unlock permissions*
• Remotely issue time and date sensitive
Temporary Access Codes to individuals*

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