well a coil has a lot of different meanings so to make it clear we will list as many as we can
a series of circles formed by winding up a length of rope, wire, etc.What are the different types of coils?
This show a different meaning to same word
Coils are over 99% effective and over 5yrs, less than 5 in 1000 people using a coil will become pregnant. The coil is much more effective at preventing pregnancy than using pills or condoms. There are 2 types of coil; the copper coil and the hormone containing coil.
here are four meanings of the word

#1) Volute. There are volute coil springs. …
#2) Arc. There are also arc coil springs. …
#3) Variable. Also known as progressive rate springs, variable springs are those with a variable rate. …
#4) Torsion. …
then we can go into the different ones in surgery or part of the human body.
here another use of the word coil
What is a coil in art?
Coil is a long form of clay that is rolled into a slender snake-like form in order to produce pottery or other ornamental structures. Firing is the hardening of a clay vessel by the application of heat.
yet another meaning of the word ?
yet coil up The snake coiled up, ready to strike. ; coil round, around, etc. something Mist coiled around the tops of the hills.

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