It comes with a Stainless Steel plate and Sensor (illuminated), it is suitable for surface mounting and includes back box with security screws. The device includes range adjustment and integral timer . It has a single fixing and wiring point and can be retro fitted on a single gang back box.
Touch Free Sensor Button
For surface or flush fitting
Adjustable proximity distance and relay opening times
Voltage: 12 – 24VDC

Technical specifications

Contacts : Double pole NONC contacts
Output : 4 AMP contact @ 30 V ACDC
Etched legend (Various options available)
Security screws (Allen key type)
Adjustable relay opening times (0.5 to 20 seconds)
Adjustable proximity distance (3 to 12 cm)
Internal use only

‘Touch Free’ sensor button
Illumination Green to Red
High impact plastic back box
Can be surface or flush fitting
Easy clean surface
Ideal for general/sensitive areas
Screw footprint for flush fitting onto standard back box

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