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The CISA “Elettrika” electric lock is the ideal solution for managing the opening and closing of steel and wooden gates and entrance doors (apartment buildings), while still guaranteeing high resistance to forced entry.

Protection against forced entry.
Certified up to Security grade 6 according to European standard EN 14846, guaranteed by the rotary hook deadbolt (patented) which provides resistance to tensile strength of up to 2000 kg (the standard covers a maximum of 1000 kg).
Protective steel casing to make it difficult to access the internal lock parts when the door/gate is closed.

Closes automatically.
With the Booster Plus module and when in “timing of opening command function” mode, the pedestrian gate/entrance door automatically closes when nobody enters within a space of time established by the user.

Door status always under control.
The Booster Plus module has an indicator (which may be installed in the home if desired) which lights up every time the door/gate is not securely closed (door status signal).

Silent opening.
The reloading system guarantees silent operation as the lock is being opened, more than traditional electric locks.

Immediate, guaranteed closing over time.
The rotary hook deadbolt ensures immediate engagement of the floor striker, limiting rebound.
Self-adjustable floor striker helps correct any slight change in position of the door/gate which may occur over the years, ensuring the lock continues to work properly over time.

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