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View the ABLOY EL490 electric motor lock for interior and exterior doors of large, high footfall buildings that functions via a handle.

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12V DC & 24V DC



The ABLOY EL490 electric motor lock at Electric Locking Systems is available in 12 and 24V DC. It is a push and pull motor lock for narrow profile doors with a latch bolt and much more. Fail locked from the outside with free egress from inside when handle fitted. It is a high security motor lock with an easily reversible dead bolt and trigger bolt.

The inside handle operates at all times or can be controlled electrically in two-way access controlled doors. Please note that the electronically controlled handle will not meet EN179 or EN1125.

ABLOY EL490 electric motor lock meets EN179 and EN1125 for emergency and panic exit doors (when the inside handle is mechanically controlled and installed with suitable hardware) and EN1634-1 for fire resistance (when used with correct exit hardware). Tested to draft standards prEN14846.


  • One way access controlled doors
  • Doors with both access control and fixed time control
  • Two way access controlled doors
  • Entrance doors for customers with both access control and fixed time control

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