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View the ABLOY EL582 electric solenoid lock with deadlocked latchbolt and both inside and outside handles electronically controlled. Use for wooden and solid doors in medium traffic areas and use in sync with most access control systems.

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Fail Safe & Fail Secure
12V DC & 24V DC



The ABLOY EL582 electric solenoid lock at Electric Locking Systems with bolt position and handle operation. A high security lock with easily reversible trigger bolt and deadbolt, suitable for all doors.


  • For wooden or metal doors, with deadlocked latchbolt, fail locked/fail unlocked
  • Outside handle controlled
  • Bolt position and handle operation
  • For use with PBE-001 for EN1125 exit solution


Handle controlled electric locks can be set to function as fail locked or as fail unlocked. In the fail locked setting, the lock can be opened by the handle when the power is on and cannot be opened by the handle when power is off. In the fail unlocked setting, the electrical function is reversed. The locks are always automatically deadlocked when the door is closed. In the ABLOY EL582 the both outside and inside handles are electrically controlled. Mechanical opening by a cylinder is always possible.

If you are purchasing the ABLOY EL582 as a replacement electric lock please ensure you have ordered the correct size lockcase (backset size) as we are unable to accept returns for this reason (the backset is measured from the edge of the door to the centre of handle or cylinder). Please call if you require a different size backset to above, such as a 55mm, 60mm, 80mm or 100mm.

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