ACP350 Triple Emergency Dual Light Buzzer

The Securefast ACP350 triple pole call point.
The ACP350 shows green light box. If the unit is activated
pressing emergency panel the door unlock

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The ACP350 shows a green box when the unit is in the locked state. If the unit is activated by pressing the emergency panel the door will unlock and the unit will flash red in addition to a sounder being activated.

To stop false activation the ACP350 is supplied with a flip cover and may be reset with the key provided.
The ACP350 is triple pole with three normally open or closed contacts for your convenience.

Features & Benefits

• Triple pole contact
• Resettable via supplied key
• Dual light activation confirmation
• Alarm sounder included (can be set to silent,
interval or continuous)
• Clear hinged cover included
• Resettable activation panel
• Surface mount (can also be fitted flush)
• Input voltage 12-24V DC
• Easy to assemble and install

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