AEMSF300 Shearlock Fire Rated

Fire rated to EN1634 for 30&60 mins timber doors this shearlock has an impressive holding force of 2000lbs.

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With a fire rating to EN1634-1(30&60 mins timber doors) the AEMSF300 complete with Intumescent pack,also offers an impressive holding force of 2000lbs with a combination of magnetic force and interlocking pins.

Offering a very flexible installation option for single or double swing and single or pair of doors and can be fitted either vertical or horizontal.


Fire Tested to EN1634-1 on Timber Doors
for 30mins and 1 Hour
• Fire Test Report No. 341521 dated 29th
August 2014

Features & Benefits

• Mortice shear electro-magnetic lock is fully concealed and can be fitted to timber or
metal doors (with a minimum door thickness of 44mm)

• Holding force of up to 2000lbf / 8896N /907kgf (dependant on installation details)

• Can be used horizontally in the transom or fitted vertically in the frame jamb

• Door and lock status monitoring

• CE marked

• Black finish

• For fire rating please use intumescent pack

Technical Information
Holding Force 2000 lbs / 8896N
Security Level High
Voltage 12-24V DC
Current A (12/24) 2.2/1.4
Finish Zinc Plated
Operating Temp -30ᵒc to +50ᵒc
Auto Relocking Timer 1-6 seconds (Adjustable )
Fire tested to EN1634-1


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