Alpro IB1 2 Door Interlock Controller Module

The Alpro IB1 is a 2 door interlock controller module which can be linked with additional interlock control modules to configure a multi door interlock system.

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Product Specification:

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Alpro IB1



Alpro’s 2 door interlock controller is designed specifically to be used as part of an access control system, with emphasis on the control of doors within that system, which need to interlock. This enables one door to be closed and locked and another door opened and operated. The door interlock controller is a dual voltage unit operating on either 12/24v DC and offers flexibility with pluggable terminal blocks and nylon stick on mountings, which allow for expansion of the unit’s capabilities.

Features include:

  • High Load Capability
  • Flexible Installation
  • Dual Alarm Output
  • Independent Controls For Each Door
  • 5 Year Guarantee

The Alpro IB1 access control system controller is also equipped with various adjustable time settings for door opening times and alarm delay.

The overall function of the door interlock system is to control the ingress and egress of traffic between various doors that require a specific opening and closing sequence. For example, in the case of a clean room where it is imperative that one door is closed to ensure no foreign material can enter the clean room, before the entrance door to the room is opened.

The IB1 interlock controller also has the facility to show the status of the doors, via its LED built in function. The unit is further equipped to be fully expandable, to allow an infinite number of doors to be added to the system.


  • Dual voltage
  • 12V or 24V DC
  • High load capability
  • 5amp double pole change over relay (1 powered output, 1 volt free) no, nc, c – per door.
  • Flexible installation
  • Pluggable terminal blocks
  • Nylon stick-on mountings supplied
  • Dual alarm output
  • Selectable door forced, or door left open alarm output
  • 1-amp full changeover relay output
  • Dip switch controls
  • Accurate switching for simple and constant door control
  • 0-62 seconds adjustable door open time
  • 0-45 seconds adjustable door alarm delay
  • Cancels remaining door open time
  • On closing of active door, allowing other doors to open
  • Independent controls for each door
  • All inputs and outputs are individual for each door including timer settings and door override inputs
  • Door status led output
  • Led output allows remote signal indication to show door status
  • Engineering LEDs
  • 9 LEDs allow simple diagnostic testing to be carried out in seconds.
  • Fully expandable to infinite number of doors
  • Simple cross wire connection allows additional boards to be connected creating a complete interlock system of an infinite number of doors. Simply connect additional ib1 controllers as required.
  • Locked or unlocked modes
  • Controller will operate in both secure ‘all doors locked’ mode or convenience ‘all doors open’ mode to suit all applications.

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