Alpro RM1 Rectifier Sounder Module

The ALPRO RM1 rectifier sounder module enables ALPRO electric door strikes to operate with AC systems.

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RM1 continuously rated

Enables use of a quality electric door strike at greatly reduced current consumption over dedicated AC electric strikes. Only for use with product with maximum current load of 1 amp (for example, solenoid bolts or shearlocks should not be used)

Switchable Buzzer
Buzzer function available on DC – on/off.
Allows for silent operation on AC.

Input voltage range is 12-24v AC +/1 15%
There is no polarity on the AC input
Output will always be lower than the input by 10% approximately. If you require 12vDC output ensure input is at least 13vAC. Standard voltmeters will show the output voltage as lower, this is because the output is not smoothed which will create false readings on your meter.

Current Load
Maximum current load is 1 amp (1000mA).

The sounder will sound whenever an input voltage is present, if this is not required remove the link located next to the sounder. Store the link on the pin, in case you change your mind and need it later.

This RM1 Rectifier is not designed to work in damp environments; and MUST BE protected from moisture. If this is not possible at the device end of the circuit, the PCB must be removed to a dry position near the AC power source. The exact location of the PCB is not critical; the voltage output will not change significantly.

DC Input
This product will accept a DC input if you only wanted to use the sounder function. There is still no polarity on the input and the output polarity will always be as shown.

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