Amalock Wireless Video Smart Entry System 7” Monitor

video smart entry system key fob, intercom, buzzer and keypad video and audio feed direct to a smartphone slim 7” video door entry monitor. wireless

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The Amalock (SV2) wireless video smart entry system is easy to install and control via the Amalock app. Discover its many features:

  • A wireless door entry system that works over Wi-Fi to send video and audio to your smartphone wherever you are in the world, and the video door entry monitor in your home
  • As a key fob entry system, distribute the key fobs to property owners for seamless access when a smartphone isn’t accessible. 5 key fobs are included.
  • Alternatively, set and use a PIN for entry via the video keypad
  • Use as a CCTV system with monitor; the camera streams HD video which enables you to zoom in and record file playback via the video door entry monitor, with a 16GB SD card for saving footage. The wireless night vision camera also enables recordings after dark for extra security.
  • The video door smart intercom enables 2 way audio, allowing you to speak to delivery drivers and guests without being present.
  • For ultimate biometric security there is a fingerprint door entry option
  • Easy to install with an easy to understand Installation Guide.

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Amalock SV2 Panel Dimensions

  • Width 91mm
  • Height 142mm
  • Depth 22mm

Amalock SV2 Video Door Entry Monitor Dimensions

  • Width 184mm
  • Height 126mm
  • Depth 22mm

Amalock SV2 Specifications

  • Stylish slim 7” video door entry monitor
  • Touch Screen
  • 2 Way Communication
  • Motion Alert
  • Mobile Device unlock
  • Indoor Monitor Unlock
  • Zoom in
  • Record File Playback
  • 16G SD Card included
  • Fob Access
  • Keypad Access
  • Pin code Access
  • Fingerprint Access
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Expandable
    • 2 panels
    • 6 Monitors
    • 2 CCTV cameras
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