ASL950MW Smartlock Wireless Door Control Unit

The SmartLock wireless controller operates standard 12V dc electronic locking device and provides a signal for automatic doors, car park barriers & lifts etc.
It can be used in conjunction with the Smartlock virtual networked systems (ASL951B) and wireless networked systems
(ASL951BW) or a mixture of both.
Ideal for:-
Medium to large systems such as hotels, universities, colleges and schools, offices, hospitals and residential accommodation.
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It can be used in conjunction with the Smartlock virtual networked systems (ASL951B) and wireless networked systems (ASL951BW) or a mixture of both.
The standard unit comprises of a 3A 12V power supply with battery backup and the controller PCB housed within a metal enclosure and it is supplied with a wall mounted IP rated card reader.
The readers have an elegant profile for either indoor or outdoor installations with unmatched durability in harsh conditions (temperature & moisture extremes)
The controller can control two doors which share authorities or 1 door with ‘read in, read out’ (An additional reader is required)
Programming of the unit is achieved using the Smartlock wireless dongle connected to a laptop running the Smartlock Application

Please feel free to contact us for advice or quotations for your project requirements

Features & Benefits

• Centralised card programming using easy to
use Windows based software
• Real time card cancellation and logging
• Up to 10,000+ user cards per system
• Each card can be programmed with access to
doors, groups and areas with time and date
validity and shift control
• Hubs use either Ethernet or USB to
communicate around the building with a
wireless link to the locks
• Door controllers for electric locking can
control 2 doors with the same authorities or
read in/read out
• ISO printable or pre-printed cards, tokens
• Cards can be used for multiple sites and
multiple applications
• Can be set up remotely or on site
• Web browser version available
• Interfaces with leading brand PMS systems

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