Securitron M62 Series Magnalock

The ASSA ABLOY Securitron M62 Series Magnalock is a magnetic lock with 1,200lbs of holding force and automatic dual voltage. The Magnalock is a high security lock which can be used as an electric door, gate or fence lock easy to prevent unwanted intruders from entering a sensitive, high risk building.

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The M62 Series Magnalock has automatic dual voltage and is recommended for indoor or outdoor doors, gates or fences in high risk areas. This magnetic lock has unsurpassed durability making it one of the longest lasting locks on the market with a fire and outdoor rating. Flexible mounting options support applications for hollow metal, concrete filled metal, wood, or glass with aluminium frames, and Herculite doors. Options include single and double door configurations, or specialty applications such as gates and fences.

The M62 electromagnetic lock is ideal for traffic control in high-use areas within secured or monitored perimeters. With unsurpassed durability, the ASSA ABLOY M62 will last long after most buildings wear out. Applications include storage areas, rooms, and hallways where reliability, high durability and low-maintenance are required. Simple to fit and easy to operate with a reassuring lifetime no fault warranty.

Please note we only stock:

  • M62BM Side Fix Magnalock- 12/24VDC
  • M62FB Face Fix Magnalock- 12/24VDC, Face Drilled, MBS
  • For more detailed product and installation information please see product information tab above

To order the other versions listed below, please contact us to find out more:

  • M62B – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, MBS
  • M62BD – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, MBS, DPS
  • M62D – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, DPS
  • M62F – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, Face Drilled
  • M62FBD – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, Face Drilled, MBS, DPS
  • M62FD – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, Face Drilled, DPS
  • M62FG – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, Face Drilled, Gate Conduit
  • M62FGB – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, Face Drilled, Gate Conduit, MBS
  • M62FGBD – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, Face Drilled, Gate Conduit, MBS, DPS
  • M62FGD – M62 Magnalock- 12/24VDC, Face Drilled, Gate Conduit, DPS
  • M62G – M62 – Gate Conduit
  • M62GB – M62 – Gate Conduit, MBS
  • M62GBD – M62 – Gate Conduit, MBS, DPS
  • M62GD – M62 – Gate Conduit, DPS

Product Features:

  • Patented instant release circuit – no residual magnetism
  • Fully sealed electronics – tamper proof and weatherproof
  • Surface mounts easily with minimal tools
  • Mounted using steel machine screws into blind finishing nuts
  • Architectural brushed stainless steel finish (US32D/630)
  • All ferrous metal surfaces plated to MIL specification
  • Hardware accessories available to configure any opening
  • Dress Covers available
  • Ten feet [3.05m] of jacketed, stranded conductor
  • Automatic dual voltage – no field adjustment required
  • Lock options include BondSTAT magnetic bond sensor, integrated door position switch, conduit fitting, double and face mount models
  • Universal threaded conduit fitting is 1/2″ female – 3/4″ male
  • Split Strike Plates and Offset Strike Plates available
  • UL Listed
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty

Specification Data

  • Holding Force: 1200 lbs. [544 kg]
  • Current Draw and Voltage: 250mA at 12VDC; 150mA at 24VDC
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +140F [-40 to +60C]
  • Shipping Weight: 11 lbs.

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