BLE Smart Bluetooth Euro Cylinder Lock

Introducing a smart bluetooth euro cylinder lock new from BLE Locking. Taking only 5 minutes to install, the BLE euro cylinder is smartphone or PIN operated and features bank level security. Swap out your current cylinder for this Bluetooth euro cylinder with no internet connection required.

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BLE Locking are Estonian smart lock manufacturers specialising in Bluetooth electric locks and locking modules with high level security. The BLE smart euro cylinder lock is ideal for any home, office or holiday let due to its keyless, wireless operation, with access controllable via the smartphone app

Swap out and install this smart lock solution in less than 5 minutes. The euro cylinder lock is 70 mm (35×35) and features a 6 digit PIN code and smartphone integration to wirelessly and securely open your door. The BLE euro cylinder lock’s CR2 battery lasts over 2 years and the mobile app features a handy notification for when they need replacing.



No need for physical keys

Physical keys that can be lost or stolen are transformed into a secure, digital smart locking solution with the BLE euro cylinder. Share access to your home, office or holiday let by sending a digital key via a scannable NFC tag instantly, or schedule access for any time or date. Issue keys to tenants or visitors and remove access once finished from anywhere in the world. If a mobile phone is lost then the backup 6 digit PIN can be used for access.

Install in any door

The BLE bluetooth euro cylinder lock can be installed in any door with a maximum door thickness of 70mm, and installation takes less than 5 minutes.

No internet connection required

The BLE smartphone door lock uses bluetooth connection so is suitable for use underground or in any area of the world without internet connection. 

Highly secure door entry system

Choose from various levels of security when setting up the bluetooth door lock including bank level or standard level security.

The BLE smart door lock does not come with any monthly fees, once purchased the first 10 digital keys are free and start from £1 thereafter.

Shop the BLE Smart Bluetooth euro cylinder lock online at Electric Locking Systems with free delivery and next day delivery options available. Find extra information or get friendly advice from our electric lock specialists by calling 01202 941050.

Product Specifications

CompatibilityStandard Euro lock aperture

Door maximum thickness 70 mm, including core covers

MaterialStainless steel
Colour optionsSatin black Satin chrome
Power supplyCR2 lithium battery USB
Communication protocolsBLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Cylinder Install Information

Cylinder Install Information

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