The BURG-WÄCHTER TSE E-Key door fob is an electronic radio key for use with BURG-WÄCHTER smart access control systems.

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Switch the electronic cylinder and open the door of a BURG-WÄCHTER lock with the door key fob TSE E Key. Set up the door fob using the TSE PC software, now with additional features for an organised user administration of all TSE E-KEY owners.

The BURG-WÄCHTER TSE E-Key door fob using radio technology to allow entry via detection of the fob within 3 metres. Alternatively, switch to manual mode and push the button to unlock the door. The TSE E-Key can be used with any of the BURG-WÄCHTER TSE access control systems.


  • Battery change display
  • Power supply: standard CR 2032-coin cell
  • Optimal use via PC software

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