The BURG-WÄCHTER TSE Set 5013 with E-Key is an easy and convenient way to unlock your door. The electronic key replaces a classic key by wirelessly signalling the electronic door cylinder to unlock.

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Discover the BURG-WÄCHTER TSE Set 5013 key fob door entry system with wireless door key for commercial and residential buildings.

This TSE PRIME SET includes:

  • one electronic door cylinder
  • a wireless door key TSE E-KEY
  • batteries for a quick commissioning
  • user and installation guide

The TSE E-KEY can be used in two different modes:

  • Manually: With this mode, you have the wireless door key in your hand and only need to push the access button in the middle. Subsequently, the cylinder switches and the knob can be turned for opening.
  • Automatically (with BURG-WÄCHTER keypad): With this mode, the E-KEY can stay in your pocket. After turning on the keypad, the cylinder automatically switches when the wireless door key is in an immediate range of the door (up to 3 metres depending on environment).

The data transmission during the opening process is optimally protected against manipulation.

This key fob door entry system is suitable for almost every door. The electronic door cylinder lock is adjustable to all doors with a thickness of up to 118 mm (59/59). No extra drilling or wiring is needed. The electronic door cylinder lock replaces the mechanical one, so that the existing fittings remain unaltered. Please note that the inner cylinder needs to be mounted in a weather-protected area.

Set up your new BURG-WÄCHTER TSE Set 5013 key fob door entry system with TSE software. Administrate all users clearly, create user profiles and grant or withdraw access rights. Even temporary access rights are programmable. For an ideal overview of all processes, you can read out the complete access history.

Features of the BURG-WÄCHTER TSE Set 5013:

  • Security
    • Up to 47 TSE E-KEYS programmable (via TSE software)
    • Optional TSE PINCODE / FINGERSCAN keypad
    • Optimum protection against manipulation
    • mechanical emergency lock (2 keys)
  • Compatibility
    • For all doors with a thickness of up to 118 mm (59/59)
    • For interior and exterior doors
  • Compatibility
    • Via the optional PC software, functions such as user management, granting of time slots and rights, history readout, etc. are possible

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