CISA ElettriKa 1A630 Electric Rim Gate Lock

Secure your gate with industry trusted CISA locks, the ElettriKa 1A630 electric gate Lock is one of the strongest electrical gate locks on the market for wooden gates and simple to install.

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Product Specification:

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Fail Secure
12V AC
50 to 80mm



CISA locks have designed a highly versatile and simple to fit durable electric gate lock, the ElettriKa 1A630, suitable for any wooden gate. The CISA gate lock contains a rotary hook deadbolt, a pull resistance of up to 2000kg, an excellent vibration resistance and impact strength (patented system) and all enclosed within a protective steel case.

A rotating hook deadbolt is beneficial in an electrical lock as the lock encounters a considerable amount of stress upon opening and closing, therefore extending the life time of the lock.

The Elettrika 1A630 features a hold open device which is activated using the key on the internal cylinder, retaining the lock in its open position. The red push to exit button opens the lock mechanically allowing for free exit in the event of power failure. This button can however be blocked by using the key on the internal cylinder, so the lock can still be used effectively in cases where risk of accessing the button from the outside exist.

The lock is supplied with a standard CISA rim cylinder for key override from the outside.

The CISA electrical lock is adjustable to be fitted both horizontally or vertically, whilst providing the same level of security.

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Cisa Electtrika

Cisa Electtrika

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