CISA ElecttriKa 1A721 Electric Rim Gate Lock FREE UK SHIPPING!

Secure your gate with industry trusted CISA locks, the ElettriKa 1A721 Electric gate Lock is one of the strongest electrical gate locks on the market for metal gates,and also simple to install please see the video below.

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Product Specification:

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Fail Secure
12V AC





The CISA  1A721 electric gate lock has a tubular cylinder that extends out the back of the case for external key override so may be unlocked from the outside.

There is no push button release button on the lock,this is beneficial if you have a wrought iron open design gate, people are not able to put their hand through and push the button release.  The internal cylinder provides key override from the inside and is also used to engage the hold back function.

A rotating hook deadbolt is beneficial in an electrical gate lock as the lock encounters a considerable amount of stress upon opening and closing, therefore extending the life time of the lock.

A weld on back plate is supplied in the box.

The CISA electrical gate lock is adjustable to be fitted both horizontally or vertically, whilst providing the same level of security.

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