CISA Electric Rim Lock Replacement Part – Adjustable Coil 12V

If your electric rim lock coil has failed, this high-quality CISA door lock replacement part allows you to replace the coil without having to change the entire electric locking system. This replacement coil set is suitable for CISA electric rim locks; 11610, 11630, 11921 and 11931.

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If your coil has an open circuit or if there’s high resistance, this could indicate there’s a problem with the current coil on your electric lock. These genuine CISA adjustable coils are an excellent rim lock replacement part that allows you to maintain your CISA electric rim locks – without needing to replacing the entire system.

This blue electric rim lock replacement adjustable coil is in the latest specification, in place of its previous black counterpart. The advantage of the most recent design is that it is adjustable, therefore more flexibility.

It’s important to purchase this lock replacement coil in the right hand for your lock. At Electric Locking Systems we offer this product in left and right-handed versions. Please note this adjustable coil requires a 12v AC voltage input.

Order the CISA Electric Rim Lock Replacement Adjustable Coil online at Electric Locking Systems with worldwide delivery, same day dispatch and free technical support. To learn more about our products, get in touch today or contact us on Live Chat where we will be happy to help.

Technical Specifications


  • 07120-00-1-Ordering code
  • Adjustable Coil Set
  • 12 V ac CE
  • For Right-Handed Locks
  • Weight: 0.1 Kg


  • 07120-00-2-Ordering Code
  • Adjustable Coil Set
  • 12 V ac CE
  • For Left-Handed Locks
  • Weight: 0.1 Kg


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