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Product Specification:

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The DAITEM wireless door entry system SC901AU, at Electric Locking Systems, with a remote control, badge reader and keypad.
• 1 back-lit outdoor caller unit with keypad and badge reader
• 1 armoured cover for 1-dwellling outdoor caller unit
• 1 proximity badge
• 1 lithium battery-powered controller
• 1 indoor handset unit with lithium battery-powered base (or mains-powered base for the sc902au)
• Users can welcome and filter visitors using the handset, remotely listen to background sounds at entrances, communicate with another handset and control automatic systems from the home, including:
• Electric lock release
• Automatic gate or garage door release
• Remote lighting switch (additional receiver required)
• The latch and/or automatic gate can be controlled from the callpoint using the proxi-tag.
• Full duplex digital communication
• Up to 4 indoor handset units per call point/controller.
• Inter-handset communication
• The status of entrances and lighting can be viewed on the handset screen at any time.
• The handset can be used in hands-free or hand-held mode

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