SC902AU Wireless Entry System Reader Keypad

The DAITEM SC902AU is a wireless gate intercom with a keypad, key fob and proximity reader. Make home or office entry control easier and welcome, filter and control visitors from the comfort of indoors.

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Product Specification:

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Order the DAITEM SC902AU wireless gate intercom at Electric Locking Systems to remotely open or close entrances, whether they are pedestrian, driveway gates, garage doors and more. No ground cable installation is required, making it simple to install.

The DAITEM SC902AU kit includes:

  • 1 back-lit outdoor caller unit prox reader and keypad (one call button)
  • 1 armoured cover for 1-dwellling outdoor caller unit
  • 1 key fob
  • 1 lithium battery-powered controller
  • 1 indoor handset unit with lithium battery-powered base (or mains-powered base for the sc902au)

Please note that DAITEM wireless audio intercom does not include the power supply, as DAITEM assumes that most sites will already have 12V AC available.

The controller houses the radio transmission control board with a built in antenna, which supplies power to the entry panel and allows the connection of additional devices controlled via the wireless handset.

The surface mount panel of the DAITEM outdoor wireless intercom features a built in proximity reader and a keypad which enables entry via a pin code or key fob for activation of the door lock release. The panel also includes a vandal resistant and weatherproof face plate.

The portable wireless handset enables communication via the gate, and control over lock activation and release. It can also control exterior lighting via designated buttons. The range reaches up to 400 metres, depending on obstacles.

DAITEM SC902AU features:

Users can welcome and filter visitors using the handset, remotely listen to background sounds at entrances, communicate with another handset and control automatic systems from the home, including:

  • Electric gate lock release
  • For automatic gate or garage door release
  • Remote lighting switch (additional receiver required)
  • The latch and/or automatic gate can be controlled from the callpoint using the proxi-tag.
  • Full duplex digital communication
  • Up to 4 indoor handset units per call point/controller
  • Inter-handset communication
  • The status of entrances and lighting can be viewed on the handset screen at any time
  • The handset can be used in hands-free or hand-held mode

Order the DAITEM SC902AU wireless gate intercom with keypad and key fob online at Electric Locking Systems with worldwide delivery, same day dispatch and free technical support.


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