APX-14T Waterproof Standalone Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

APX-14T Bluetooth/Wi-Fi free Tuya App. Bluetooth/Wi-fi connectivity enables you open the door and the device remotely unit via your mobile Tuya App.

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The APX-14T has built in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and is available with the free Tuya App. Combined
Bluetooth/Wi-fi connectivity. Enables you to open the door and manage the device remotely
or with in vicinity of the unit via your mobile smartphone/Tuya App.
The APX-14T may be powered by a 12V DC power supply and operates a 3A lock
The keypad is IP68 rated allowing installation in wet areas and with a back light enabling visibility.

This has 4 digit pin code and fob.Its got the option of Touch keypad.Its also has a capacity
up to 2000 users and a IP68 rating .Backlit keypad for use in a low light area or conditions.
it comes with a adjustable lock relay 1-99 seconds. This also has a wiegand output for network system. has a 3a max . power supply going though it . so you might need a relay .
It allow a 12v Dc power inputs.
Supports 4 digit PIN code & fob has a Remote release as well as a Audit Trail that can be viewed.
Also has the option to remote management of users and their card or code even the fob that used as well as remote unlock permissions.
Allow Temporary Access codes to individuals as well.

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