Deedlock Bracket for Hold Open Magnets

Floor mounted bracket for use with Deedlock Hold-Open Electro-Magnet AEM0351,AEM0352,AEM0362,AEM0363,

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Floor mounted bracket for use with Deedlock Hold-Open Electro-Magnet.

This is designed to work with AEM0351-AEM0352-AEM0362-AEM0363.
This is to allow the magnet to be fitted.

To allow the magnet to hold the door in the correct place.The magnet will hold the door normally against a spring or door closer.
The magnet which will be controlled by a fire alarm.

So that when the fire alarm is activated the magnet is instructed to release the door.
To make sure the door is helping to control the emergency exit.
In other words it is helping to protect the exit against a fire.

The door are normally designed to restrict the fire and possible hold it off which are designed to hold for three hours or they call them three hour fire.

The idea is that it stop air flow and protect the exit way from the building.
That why the strip is fitted inside the door.
As when it gets heat apply to it it expands and then seals the door to stop the air flowing round the door .
As this a means of cutting off the fuel to a fire as they need air,time and a fuel to burn.

This help to give people a fighting chance of getting out the building in the case of a fire.It also be a way of restricting access to building.So sometimes the access control is used as well as exit. It also used as the entrance so the magnet might be holding the entrance door open.

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