GEM EB180 Narrow Style Electric Solenoid Drop Bolt

GEM EB180 narrow style mortice solenoid bolts provide a high level of security , using a strong steel bolt which provides a secure physical barrier,

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The Fail-Safe series electric drop bolt can be mounted horizontally or vertically and provides various functions. It is designed for use on double action doors (or single inswing/outswing doors) and ideal for applications where an electromagnetic lock or electric strike is impractical. Surface mount models are also available for hollow metal door or frameless glass door applications.



◆ Fail-safe (Power to lock)
◆ Vandal resistant – The lock cannot be deceived by slipping a metal object between lock and the strike plate
◆ Relock time delay



◆ Mode: Fail-Safe
◆ Operating Voltage: 12/24 VDC
◆ Operating Temperature: -10°C~+49°C
◆ Humidity: 0~85% non-condensing
◆ Current Draw
– Pull in: 0.9A/12V; 0.45A/24V;
– Holding: 0.15A/12V; 0.1A/24V
◆ Bolt Status Sensor Output (Both)
◆ Relock Time Delay


CP21-N Wiring Diagram

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