EB300 Electric Solenoid Bolt Surface Mount Kit

Versatile product providing a complete kit for surface mounting a fail safe solenoid bolt.For a EB300

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This solenoid bolt is ideal for use on frameless glass doors with a glass header due to the clamp fixing method. Suitable for single or double-action doors it provides a secure locking method, and includes door position monitoring and variable re-locking.
Suitable for frameless glass doors and headers.
• Fail safe (power to lock)
• Door position monitoring
• Variable re-lock delay
• Low holding current
• Anti-tamper design
• Suitable for single or double-action door
Max. glass thickness: 14mm
• Min. air gap required: 6mm
• Input voltage: 12Vdc ±10%
• Activating current 900mA
• Holding current 300mA
• Bolt diameter 16mm
• Bolt throw 16mm
• Monitoring contacts: SPDT (COM, NO, NC)
rated 250mA @ 30Vdc
• Operating temp: -10°C to 45°C
• Humidity: 0~95% non-condensing

• Operating voltage 12Vdc
• Fail-Safe (Power to Lock)
• Auto-relocking timer delay: 0, 3, 6 or 9 seconds

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