ECL15 Battery operated cabinet lock with built in Mifare access control.

Battery operated cabinet lock with built in Mifare access control.

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A battery-operated self-contained lock and access control system. The ECL15 is one of the simplest ways to add electronic locking to your cabinets or drawers. When fitted to any non-metallic furniture, the lock can be opened by presenting a secure Mifare access control card or fob. An optional external antenna is available for use on metallic doors. Invisible once installed, the user presents the access card to the outside of the furniture allowing the lock to read it from the inside. A comforting tone indicates that the card is accepted, and the lock opens under spring assistance from the catch. The spring assist means the lock can be fitted to some doors without handles and it will pop open slightly upon unlocking. This can greatly improve furniture design in some applications. The lock has configurable built-in alarms such as a door open warning to indicate if a door has been left ajar and a break-in alarm which will sound if the door has been forced open.Although the lock has a long battery life. a battery low audible indicator is also provided to ensure users are not locked out of their furniture due to battery depletion.This simple to install, simple to use and battery-operated lock is a very cost-effective way to add electronic access control to new or existing furniture.


Operation Mode:Fail unlocked with battery low warning (will not relock after last battery warning)
User Modes:Public mode, Private Mode
Mounting Orientation:Inline entry catch
Opening Action:SPRING OPEN
Lock Status Monitoring:YES
Door Status Monitoring:YES (implied via lock status detection)
Release under Preload:YES
Operating Voltage:3v DC Lithium battery (CR123)
Battery Life:3 years or 25000 operations
Operating Temperature:-10C to +60C (10% – 90% RH)
Static Holding Force:Up to 100kg depending on installation.
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