GEM 500ZLW Z & L KIT Standard External Magnet

Z & L Kit for External Standard Magnets for inward opening gates

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Theses are brackets known as Z&l brackets that are used with these magnets to help with installing the magnet correctly.
This allow the magnet to be fitted at a different angle as for example if its fitted to the gate .
So the main Magnet would be fixed to the post of the gate and the bracket would then be fitted to opening gate on the inward side being the secure side of the gate . That what the brackets are for.
Some places you will see that the magnet has been set up on the unsecure side of the gate . This is cause the information has been given incorrectly. Or the magnet have been installed incorrectly. But most gates should from a security point of view not have a magnet unless it was a fire exit . As if there is a power fail the gate would be open without the security . Where if it had a electriclock they are fail secure. So they only need power to unlock the gate .

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