GEM KT-10-BC ACCESS CONTROL FOB for gem keypads

GEM KT-10-BC ACCESS CONTROL FOB for gem keypads for gem keypads to be used instead of keys. stop people from copying the key without permission

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Key ring proximity gem kt 10-bc with a Gem keypad. Saving having to get keys cut.It stops people from being able to get keys cut without the correct permission.

The way that they work is the reader is loaded with which fobs it knows. Which ones it’s allowed to be used to open the door or access control.
They can only be added with the master fob or card.That was used when the system was first set up.
So make sure you keep it somewhere safe .
Normally a list is kept so that when a member of staff leaves. The fob they used can be removed.

To stop that person from having access via the keypad without permission. This can be done if they lost the fob as well .
As normally people number them as well to help keep better control . But some people don’t always number them.
These are used by companies to control access for example to the canteen.
Even the smoking area which could be outside the premises. This way using a keypad or a reader that can give a report off of the last 1000 contacts. This would mean that you could check up on staff that is taking more breaks than what has been agreed . It could also be the length of time in the canteen.
It also means that particular areas can be restricted as to what time you can access that area.
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