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View the Geze TS400 overhead door closer with an opening buffer and thermo stabilised closing speed.

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Product Specification:

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With the Geze TS 4000 overhead door closer at Electric Locking Systems with the closing force set from the front. The opening buffer and the thermo stabilised closing speed with large optical display can also be regulated.
Product features
• Door closer TS 4000 with link arm for doors with up to 1400 to 1600 mm leaf widths
• Closing force, infinitely adjustable EN 1-6 or EN 5-7
• End stop adjusted using the arm, closing speed can also be adjusted
• Integrated opening buffer and optical closing force display
• Can be used for right and left swing doors without conversion
• For fire and smoke protection doors
• Optional: Hold-open range 150° (via the hold-open arm)
• Optional: Closing delay, set from the front, of up to 30 seconds (TS 4000 S)

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