GEM PBA-860S Micro Switched Door Push Bar

View the GEM Gianni emergency exit door push bar for use in emergency situations on fire and exit doors. The electronic push bar system consists of the PBA-860S door push bar actuator and a micro switch, where a pressure push immediately cuts the interior micro switch unlocking a magnetic lock or other devices.

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The GEM Gianni PBS-860S door push bar, for use as part of an access control system by GEM Gianni Industries, is an ideal solution for emergency exits and fire escapes in commercial buildings, offices and hospitals. It is a cost effective and safe fire or emergency exit push bar, which doesn’t require a push to exit button for use and simply be pushed to unlock. The electronic push bar is suited only to outward opening doors and once pushed, will release the electric lock or mechanism keeping it locked.

An advantage of this exit push bar is the two microswitches that offer a double pole solution, conforming to modern installation standards. This consists of both the positive and negative being driven through 2 contact sets to ensure that power is properly stopped in an emergency so that escape is possible. Use this GEM electronic push bar lock with fail safe locks such as GEM magnetic locks or solenoid bolt locks so that once power is cut, the lock will open. Alternatively, when a fail safe lock is not required, the exit push bar features microswitches with a set of NO and NC contacts that create continuous power for fail safe locks or momentary power for fail safe locks.

The GEM exit push bar is 876mm long and may work on most doors, please refer to the data sheet for fixing points and further information. Please note the GEM PBA-860S push bar is not a traditional exit push bar as it will only work in conjunction with an electric lock.

GEM Gianni Industries are a leading manufacturer of access control systems in Taiwan, including electronic push bar locks; an essential system for all public buildings.

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Dimensions: 860 x 60 x 62mm


  • Aluminium
  • 2 pole
  • Surface mount
  • Silver finish
  • COM / NO / NC
  • Change-over-contacts
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