RGL Electric Lock Power Supply 12/24 VOLT D/C

. Power your electric lock with a RGL electric lock power supply unit with various amp and voltage for entry control systems these will take a battery

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These are power supplies that work with door entry systems. They can carry a full current to load
Have a 13.8 VDC regulated output.
13.8 VDC regulated output. It also has the Addition of a battery Charging. As well as Deep discharge protection.
This has a Current Limiting a Short Circuit and a Mains transient Protection.
It is Compliant to EMC EN61000-6-1 & 3. The unit has house space to up a 12v 9Ah.

Switch mode technology inside the Mild steel construction. That is white-powered coated metal.
Which has a LED indicators showing mains and battery output.

Comes with a Separate fused mains connections and Full electronic protection which includes Onboard tamper protection.
Converts power more efficiently (switch mode) .Has also a lot of Multiple cable entry.
Plus wiring Instructions included.




1205SM-2(Large box310x340x80 (mm)

Technical specifications

  • Full current to load.
  • 13.8 VDC regulated output.
  • Additional battery charging.
  • Deep discharge protection.
  • Current limiting.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Mains transient protection.
  • Compliant to EMC EN61000-6-1 & 3
  • Can house a battery up to 12V 9Ah


  • Switchmode technology.
  • Mild steel construction,
  • White powder coated.
  • LED Indicators (mains, battery output.)
  • Seperate fused mains connections
  • Full electronic protection
  • On board tamper protection.
  • Converts power more efficiently (switch mode)
  • Multiple cable entry (inc rear)
  • Wiring Instructions included
Dimensions: 225x196x75 (mm)





Technical specifications

  • Full current to load
  • 27.6VDC regulated output
  • Additional battery charging
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Current limiting
  • Short circuit protection
  • 230V fused input
  • Mains transient protection
  • Compliant to EMC EN61000-6-1 & 3


  • Switchmode technology
  • Constructed in a modular arrangement
  • Allows for quick upgrade to Monitored PSU
  • Mild steel construction
  • White powder coated
  • LED Indicators (mains, batt, output)
  • Seperate fused main connectors
  • Full electronic protection
  • Onboard tamper protection
  • Converts power more efficiently
  • Multiple cable entry
  • Wiring instructions included
  • Allows for 2 x 9Ah batteries
Dimensions: 310x340x80 (mm)
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