RGL Electric Release Fail secure 12vac/dc

The RGL DS-001 is a fail secure electric release, ideal for internal use. The mortice /rim face plates are included .12v/ac or dc adjustable jaw

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This electric strike offers a range of faceplates and cases to suit different installation options and further flexibility as it is non-handed with an adjustable jaw.

These are high security with an adjustable jaw to make it easy to install.
Electric releases are usually found in the frame of the being controlled by some means of access control. Normally on a door entry system. But can be used in offices and shops. For example, jewellers will use on there front door to control who comes into the shop. They use it to also control who leaving as well. As they need extra security due to the value of the goods.
So the electric release is set in the door frame to control the door. In this way, they can control who comes in and out of the shop.
This is one use of a door release you will find them in blocks of flats as well as working with the door entry system. As that is the part that works with a door entry system in some flats.
As when you arrive at the flat you push a button to call your friends. They answer and press a button that then releases the door for you which allows you to enter the building. When you wish to leave there is normally a button on the inside that will release the door for you to leave.

• Operating voltage 12Vdc/ac,Monitored.
• Symmetrical



Technical specifications

  • Use with Access and Door entry systems
  • Suitable for metal, and wooden doors
  • 12v AC/DC (Intermittent use only)
  • Euro style release
  • Apply power to Open


  • Internal use
  • Fail-secure
  • Mortice / Rim face plates included
  • Manual deactivation nib
  • Adjustable jaw
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