RON 370 AFR Facial Recognition Standalone Access Control System

Standalone Facial recognition unlocking system (capacity of up to 300 faces) with Capacity up to 10,000 working attendance records also PIN code access unlocking with Backlit keypad, Weather and dust resistant: IP55,Surface mount

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Examples are mainly found on sites that require a high level of security. But there is more to it than just collecting data . It data is generated by the facial recognition software systems as it see faces.

This can be used for more than just opening a door or gate. One can think of knowing who is in the building in case you have to evacuate in the case of an emergency.

Could be linked to a system that pays wages as to know who attended and who did not attend.
Based on who is in the building. One of the major advantages of facial recognition access control is not having to wait at the point of entry. Also if you are carrying a case or stock. You will not need to get your card out or to put your PIN code in . The software registers a person’s face as they approach and can determine whether to allow access in the time needed to arrive at the gate.
This Operating voltage is 12Vdc This has an Aluminium alloy panel that is with blush processing and has a capacity of up to 300 faces.
The keypad is backlit to make it easy to see the keypad.

Has a Capacity up to 10,000 working attendance records with a pin code access unlocking as well with an IP55 rating and is surface mounted so it makes it easy to install and cover any small access hole where the cables come in.
This is also dust resistant. To protect the unit from outside elements.
Can hold data upto 10,000 records

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