SCLAK Bluetooth Smartphone Access Control System

View the SCLAK bluetooth smartphone access control system to manage and adminster unlimited electric locks on entrance doors & gates remotely anywhere and at any time.

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The SCLAK bluetooth smartphone access control system at Electric Locking Systems is used to manage and adminster unlimited electric locks on entrance doors & gates remotely anywhere and at any time.
Italian company SCLAK who manufacture this unit have really researched what its features should be yet have kept it simple to operate. In simple terms this app allows your mobile phone to talk with your door/gate via a Bluetooth module that will then control whatever electric locking device you fit to it.
The manufactures SCLAK developed a dedicated app to be installed on your phone, the app is connected to their cloud-based service which in turn allows you to the access control solutions system, which previously, up until this, could only be found in expensive high-end access control Systems.
A brief overview of the SCLAK system.
Each time an activated user requests their smartphone to talk with the SCLAK Bluetooth
controller, the app in turn talks to the cloud this then logs that they have used the SCLAK to open your door or gate.
Buy SCLAK Bluetooth Access Control System | Locks Online As the lead/admin user You can add users to the system by emailing and texting them a link to download the app, they are able to then log onto your account as a guest/user to the system, so now every time they gain access to the door or gate, the app on their phone talks to the SCLAK cloud server and registers that they have used the
You can now control your guests use/access, have it operated like an Entryphone system where the guest cannot access themselves, once they are at the door and they try to open it the SCLAK unit will send a request to the lead/admin, once you accept they will be authorised to open the door.
Just one-time access, the guest will only be able to access through the door or gate once only.
Time and date access, you can determine by the hour, daily, weekly or monthly what schedule of access you want to allow them, you can also revoke access at any time basically you have total control and flexibility.
The lead user/owner details and events are not recorded on the audit trail.
How to use the keyless entry system:
You can use the App once installed and activated on your Smartphone (it has a range of up to 15 meters this will be reduced by obstacles between you and SCLAK UNIT) a button will be highlighted on the screen/dashboard ready to be pushed to allow unlocking of the door.
1. Open the app approach the door press the button on the screen the door will open.
2. Auto open, the door/gate will open automatically when the user is near the door/SCLAK unit, the app must be open in the background for this to work.
3. KNOCK KNOCK This is where the user can double tap on the phone screen to open the door or gate, the app must be open in the background for this to work properly, think phone in pocket double tap it and you can enter through the door or gate.
You can use the SCLAK device in numerous locations, as the number of units that can be connected to the cloud-based system is virtually limitless, as are the number of doors/gates users you can control around the world via your smartphone or PC/MAC the choice really is yours. It will also work with existing access control or Entryphone systems already in place, by connecting SCLAK to the existing power supply unit already installed you can then control the electric lock and access. But don’t just think standard door or gate how about electric gate, garage door or roller shutters!!
SCLAK uses SHA-2(designed by the USA National Security Agency) and Bluetooth 4.0 technology which provides an ultra-high level of encryption security widely recognised and used by large organisations throughout the world
With your initial purchase of the SCLAK unit you can use their cloud-based system free if you’re going to keep your network small, if you wish to have multiple users then you will have to purchase an optional multiple users pack, these are purchased through the app on your Google Play or iTunes account.
The SCLAK device comes with a free 3 lifetimes users pack.
Prices below correct as of September 2017.
If you wish to increase the number of owners/administrators to the system network the cost is £10.99 each.
To increase the guest/users,20 user packs are valid for 1 year at a cost of £3.99 and its possible to purchase multiple packs.
These costs are in addition to the cost of the purchase of the SCLAK unit itself, all purchases can be made through the GOOGLE PLAY or iTunes account.
Electric Locking Systems sell the SCLAK Bluetooth switch unit only (we have no control of the application or interact with the cloud system), after which you deal directly with SCLAK via their cloud-based service, Electric Locking Systems will obviously still support the manufacturer’s warranty.
Electric Locking Systems can supply 100’s of different locking options to work with the SCLAK please browse our electric lock range and electric gate locks, we our also happy to advise suitable locks and accessories so please feel free to contact us.
• Uses Bluetooth 4.0
• Uses SHA-2 Authenticated certificates
• Two Stage security check
• Encrypted Communication
• IP44 Rated
• Working Temperature -20c to +60c
• Size 50 x 50 x 24 mm
• Work in conjunction with other access control devices
• 15 Meter (50 feet) working range
• Virtually un-limited users
• Audit Trail, see who has been in and when
• Add and delete users at will
• Works with virtually all electric locking solutions
• Works on iOS 8 and Android 4.3 or higher
• Power supply 12 to 24 Volts AC or DC

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